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January 19, 2013
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Of PipBucks and Cutie Marks Pg1 by VeraciousNeophyte Of PipBucks and Cutie Marks Pg1 by VeraciousNeophyte
Ok what to say..... Sorry it took so long.
This one only took me about a week but the first try I scraped after two weeks of work because I didn't like anything about it, not the layout or my actual drawings, so I ditched it and started anew.
I tried a bunch of new things and different techniques in almost every panel trying to find a balance between speed and well good looking art. I know things look funny in some of the panels so feel free to tell me which ones and what about them you liked or disliked so I can focus on the good and cut out the bad for the rest of the comic.
The next one may be a ways off I think I may have come up with a way to quicken the process so I can pump them out on a regular pace without sacrificing quality but It requires me to build up a library of Pony parts first and I want them to be my original vectors so...... yeah starting from scratch.
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Figures her mom would have booze in her inventory at all times -_-
Before I answer that, have you read Fallout Equestria yet?
Aw come on, this about Lilpip mom we're talking here and no I haven't yet.
Well,alright. LilPip's mom isn't seen much in the story anyway but whenever she's mentioned, she's usually drunk and has an alcoholic beverage by her side. To sum it up, she's the resident town/vault drunk. :)
Message from Kkat:


This is amazing. The art and coloring are beautiful. And I'm extremely impressed by your creative choices.

All my love. :hug:

:iconrarityclapplz: :iconrdclapplz:
VeraciousNeophyte Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
oh! um..... wow thank you so much. Seriously thank you if it wasn't for your fantastic story and all the hard work you put in to it I never would have been inspired to take the plunge and strive for my childhood dream of doing anything artistic and having other people enjoy it. It may not be great now but it will get better and i hope I can do your masterpiece justice. :hooray:
Anyway back to work almost done with page two.
:) I like this. Too bad you'll stop at somepoint. :(
VeraciousNeophyte Jan 20, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Challenge excepted!
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