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I wasn't going to upload any of this as I wasn't going to finish or just didn't like them but I told myself I would post everything I do so I can track my progress even if sometimes it's not the direction I hoped for.
D and D Group
This is the whole group mainly for size comparison. In total close to 20 hours of work. It's one of the few pieces of art I am not totally upset about. They always say you are your worst critic. But the whole point of starting this account was to work on and improve my art skills. I kinda feel like I am succeeding if only a little bit.   
Dungeons and Dragons. Been playing a while now and decided to draw all of the other people I play with characters. 

This is Yo Yo our resident changeling. Think drug addict pimp and that's this guy. Fun guy to have around always there for a good laugh.
Dungeons and Dragons. Been playing a while now and decided to draw all of the other people I play with characters. 

This is Voshkad our gnome sorcerer. He uses spells that summon mini planets and cause specific types of pain. 
Dungeons and Dragons. Been playing a while now and decided to draw all of the other people I play with characters. 

This is Valen he is our elf ranger. He strictly uses spears and tridents and is usually on horse back. 
So never thought I would do a journal entry but I also never thought I would Do three pages in a day so..

I hope my skill is getting better I took a couple of video "classes" on perspective so I could get some decent backgrounds as I realized that almost all of my old ones were quickly done pieces of crap that had no amount of thought or planning put into them.
I really hope these look better. I think so but then again I think everything new I do looks better than the previous piece.

A couple of things to note...
I changed Velvet up a bit from the standard look. She is for all intents and purposes a Star in the stable. I thought she should look the part. Maybe after she spends a a few weeks outside I may head a little towards the frazzled look everyone usually draws her as. We shall see.

I was debating a whole lot on rather or not to include the internal dialog from LittlePip. After some deliberation I came to the conclusion that after watching the only movie that I read the book before seeing (The Hunger Games) That the lack of it in the movie effected how I felt about it. So I came to the conclusion to keep it. I will be cutting it up a bit here and there but in no way changing the story. Kkat did such wonderful work that I refuse to butcher it with my illiterate screw up's. Besides the real factor that sealed it was that I am a lazy bastard when it come to anything I enjoy doing so I can cover up areas with text instead of trying to fill it with drawings. :P

I am currently on spring break so I am going to try and pump out as many pages as work and life will allow this week. (Assuming my drawing program stops having fatal errors) I will be uploading them a minimum of 3 pages at a time. I came to the realization that one at a time made me feel like I accomplished something and I would take a break and get behind the schedule I set for myself.

All right that's enough wasting time writing a journal entry. Time to get back to something productive.... DRAWING PONIES.

Feel free to leave any criticism's and critique's and they are always appreciated since I started doing this to get better at it and entertain of course..... but mainly to get better. So let me know what I did wrong.....PLEASE!


Veracious Neophyte (VN for short)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I had dreams once, then life happened.
I always wanted to be an animator but I'm a little behind the times now. I just found out about the Brony phenomenon about three months ago and fell in love with the amount of support and.. well.... friendship that can be found from complete strangers inside the community. It wasn't till I read my first FanFic (Fallout Equestria) that I was inspired, by the sheer amount of creativity put into to it, to try my hand at my own dreams.

I am a complete NEWB when it comes to vectoring, so much so I only found out what vectoring was in November (completely behind the times) but I am learning. I get discouraged easily with things like this as I Know I'm not horrible at art but I am far from ever being great.

I will be sticking with the ponies for a while as they are something I am good enough at that I wont discourage myself into quitting due to my own lack of faith in my skills.
So If you don,t like ponies you might want to navigate away from my page and if you do well there are many people out there that are much better than I may ever be but feel free to browse around anyway.

Oh and If you have any advice, tips, tricks, pointers, or critiques on anything please feel free to pass them on. No matter how trivial you might think it is. Because if you have been doing this for more than a month your farther ahead than I, and I would appreciate any and all the help I can get.


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Happy Birrthday :D
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happy birthday to you ^_^
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Happy Birthday to you ^_^
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I love this art! it's nice to see someone see with as much knowledge of Fallout as me x3... At least I think q.q
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I really like your art :3 *hugs*
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Message from Kkat:

This is amazing. I am deeply honored. Please keep up the beautiful work.
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